College cafeterias often do not accurately predict how much food will be consumed in a given day, and as such produce too much. RePlate is a service inspired by Uber with a twist--it streamlines a system that redistributes extra food to organizations which feed the homeless. Our team drew from Uber's separate rider and driver aspect/interfaces, as well as it being community centric. Our app also requires a community of users to function--we have a separate interface for food donors, volunteers, and the receivers.

What it does

Food donors (campus dining halls, event hosts) can log events with the timings/locations/amount of food, and the organizations (food pantry, shelters, soup kitchens etc.) can request a certain number of servings per day. This will prompt various routes to be formed on a map between the donor and receivers based on their proximity to each other. Volunteers will then view the map and select donors nearby they can transport from.

How I built it

Our team extensively used Figma for our prototyping, utilizing pre-made icons on as well as some custom graphics in illustrator. Its purpose is to not be a fully fleshed out project but rather display the essence of our design.

Challenges I ran into

Our team had a few hiccups at the beginning because we struggled with using Figma as it was a new medium for most of the team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud of the cohesive design of the app, and the smooth transitions between screens.

What I learned

Our team learned a lot about the design process, ideation, and creating solutions that could potentially solve real world problems.

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