Yitaek went to Nepal after the devastating earthquake last April and saw that people couldn’t get access to hospitals because all of the roads were destroyed. Despite the terrible conditions, villagers even in the remotest regions were still able to use their phones to communicate. From this experience, he saw the potential of telemedicine via text messaging as a reliable mode of communication. Even in the US, most people prefer to get notifications over text messages compared to other mediums. Because we are constantly overflooded by huge amounts of information, we tend to miss little details. In the realm of healthcare, this applies to prescription adherence, which we often overlook as a non-issue. However, prescription nonadherence costs the medical industry $100 billions a year, despite being an easy issue to fix. So we decided to build Remi, the chatbot that reminds you to take your medication through a medium that you will actually use and is more reliable than the internet.

What it does

Remi is a chat bot programmed to remind you to take your medications and refill your prescriptions, answer questions about your prescriptions, and document your adherence behaviors. You can chat with Remi through text message, facebook messenger, and amazon echo. The data Remi collects is accessible on a web app,, that users can sign into to view their adherence habits, dose information, current doctors, prescription refill schedule, doctor visits, and doctors on their insurance plan.

How we built it

We split up work based on expertise. Yitaek did the voice interface and twilio integration. James did full stack development. Hannah did the front end and design.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to structure the data for both doctors and end users to track their status.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we successfully combined react and webflow, launched the Remi dashboard in 48 hours, and that Remi can use multiple channels to reach out to users.

What we learned

We learned how to schedule messages, how to use the echo, how to use lambda functions on AWS to build a serverless chat bot, how to deploy a web server, how to make cool visualizations of tables and graphs, and how to animate Remi on the dashboard.

What's next for Remi

Next, we will build image recognition so our users can take pictures of their prescriptions bottles and insurance cards and their information can auto populate in our server. We’ll build dashboards for insurance companies to monitor their clients adherence behaviors and offer perks to clients with good medication adherence. And we’ll build dashboards for doctors, so they can monitor their patients’ adherence behaviors and reach out through Remi if they see a drop in medication habits. Because Remi is a lightweight text bot, it can have a huge impact not only in the U.S, but also in developing countries where texting and facebook messenger are the primary forms of communication. Our team has traveled to Nepal, Nicaragua and Tanzania and seen the impact text based telemedicine can have on their health care.

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