There is one awesome concept called "Green Corridor". Um basically, it is done to clear out traffic of one lane to let the emergency vehicles (ambulance mostly) to travel in the least possible time. But it requires good coordination between the health and traffic police department, and that's really tough because they barely rely on technology for that. That's what we aim to solve. We Digitalize the process of creation of Green Corridors, for efficient transportation of patients and organs for transplantation

We felt that relaytion was an apt name for our project because just like in a relay race, the team needs to coordinate together to win the race, similarly in order to making green corridor happen successfully, different officials need to coordinate together, thus building relay-tion-ships.

What it does

It helps in building efficient communication system between the police officials and the hospital department by helping them co-ordinate during emergency situation (like creating a green corridor), thus saving lives.

It's a mobile app where you can register on behalf of either your hospital or your police station. And then:-
If you're from health department and you need to get a specific route clear, you can submit a request to create a green corridor, selecting locations from map, and that request will be forwarded to the nearest police station, in the app as a notification, and also as a text message using twilio.

If you're from police department, you'll get notification when there is a request for a green corridor, and you can confirm it on the app itself, which will send the confirmation to that specific health care faculty, and then you can just clear out the traffic of that route.

The app uses 2 factor auth (email + otp [from twilio]) at the time of registration. Also, the driver driving the ambulance can also share their live location in the app itself!

How we built it

• As a framework of our mobile app, we used Flutter
• For storing data and authentication, we used Firebase Auth and Cloud Firestore
• For sending confirmation, notification messages as well as for sending otp for two factor authentication, we used Twilio API
• For showing and integrating map features, we used Google Maps API
• For creating UI designs, we used Figma

Challenges we ran into

We ran into lots of challenges. The packages we were using in our flutter app were having inter compatibility issues, so we spent a lot of time figuring that out. Also, getting the map thing to work was indeed challenging, as we were integrating features that we've never done before. And, we also had to work on a lot of things within a small time frame, so that was challenging as well, but eventually, we nearly achieved what we wanted to.

digistalized green corridor system for the peace of the world!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud that we were able to come up with such an idea, and also to implement it the way we wanted. We are also happy that it can be actually useful to people and can make an impact on the world [healthcare department specifically].

What we learned

We learnt a bunch of things, that include
• integrating google maps with flutter
• getting and sharing live location
• working on complex firebase schema
• sending otp and normal text messages through twilio api

What's next for Relaytion

We are keen to add more features that we've planned for future. They include
• sharing live location as a marker on map
• adding default database of all hospitals and police stations
• making it easier to visualise the progress of request and vehicle movement

  • adding more access control features
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