Traveling to a new city always comes with a million choices on a million websites that need to be looked at to make the best of your experience in that city. We want to change that and allow you to show up to a new city, open REGO and then select "What you are in the mood for?" and Voila! You have an itinerary for the entire day giving you activities and meals. Say NO to research and YES to serendipity.

What it does and how it does it

A technically sophisticated solution, REGO is built on a Flask server running on EC2 with a pipeline to process data as follows:

  • resolving universal city name
  • local caching of city data
  • categorization of Expedia data
  • keyword analysis
  • mood to keyword mapping based on semantic distance and 'bucketing'
  • Yelp queries limited by radius in proximity to the activity
  • activity selection based on the mood and then the final itinerary output

Challenges we ran into

  • Long keywords analysis time --> caching
  • Random activity selection --> use both keyword relevance and semantic distance for mood mapping
  • City names not consistent with different spelling --> live query and caching

What's next for ReGo

  • Support different modes of transportation
  • Save and share trips
  • Facebook Events and Eventbrite Integration
  • Social features: find travel buddies and rank trips

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