My daughter went through critical medical conditions, with two different opinions from local physicians, and so I had to look for second opinion outside our local region as her conditions were very rare specially in our region.

What it does

Once medical conditions with clear diagnosis are reached with enough reports (test results, imaging, ...etc) and before patients start treatment protocols, they usually seek second opinion to confirm the diagnosis and to validate the treatment protocol. This portal is meant to help patients, physicians, and medical institutes to come online and collaborate for a smooth, trusted second opinion process.

How I built it

1 - Search physician directory (speciality based) 2 - geospatial, nearby search to find close by physicians
3 - Brows physician profile with guiding statistics 4 - submit the medical case with all supported details/reports 5 - in case physician is not selected, API engine will recommend a physician 6 - initiate review process with business rules 7 - final conclusion and recommendations to be communicated back

Challenges I ran into

business scenarios, enriching the UI to reflect the power of back end

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

responding to real needs, applying my personal experience from technology and end-user prespective

What I learned

What's next for RedHat - MyConsult

Built With

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