After receiving frequent calls and interesting attempts at text messages from my grandmother and godparents, I was inspired to create a tool that would essentially decrease the learning curve and make technology more understandable for those who may struggle to keep.

Many adults heavily rely on online technical support by either reaching out to company representative indirectly via phone, email, online chat, and/or social media. The complexities of solving tech issues can seem difficult for individuals who aren't 100% sure of how a device may operate.

There are fewer resources in existence that are considered "senior friendly". Sure it's been said that any app a young person can use, an older adult in their 70s could as well. But that seems more and more like false narrative when senior adults don't fully understand the basic functionalities of their device, let alone what to do when an issue arises.

What it does

Introducing RIARA! Really Interesting Augmented Reality App.

It is meant to be a highly user friendly, or in this case senior-friendly, application that help older adults better solve their tech issues. The app contains a few how-tos on a variety of subjects such as:

  • Password recovery
  • Uploading images to Facebook
  • Typing and sending a tweet
  • Turning on a device
  • Using webcam
  • Online banking
  • Order Food

And so much more!

This app isn't just any plain guide full of plain text. Utilizing augmented reality (AR), we've create connected a virtual world to the real world by using simple 3D/2D icons to aid seniors in solving the technology issues.

How I built it

Unity, Visual Studio, Xamarin, HTML5/CSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, AWS.

Challenges I ran into

Learning and using C# for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning C#.

What I learned

Submitted a really interesting project.

What's next for Really Intertesting Augmented Reality App (RIARA)

Connecting seniors to live AR support in the circumstances that our app can't solve their problem.

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