We've had bad experiences with ATMs and one of our bank cards were eaten up during the use of one.

What it does

Tackles long ATM usage times, security issues, and customer inconveniences by bringing the ATM onto your mobile device, thus decreasing customer time spent at ATMs.

How we built it

For the app prototype: we used Android Studio to program the app, Adobe Illustrator was used for UI/UX mockups. For the scanner prototype: used and Arduino UNO and a PN532 Breakout Board to read a RFID example card. Output is displayed on the Arduino serial monitor ## Challenges we ran into One member had severe eye strain from prolonged computer usage. Additionally, it was a member's first time using Android Studio, making it hard to debug issues. A member struggled to find required hardware for desired objectives.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned Android Studio, completed a pitch and slideshow in under 24 hours. Created scanning hardware to simulate a real life transaction using our software.

What we learned

We learned Android Studio, the importance of saving multiple files for version control, UI/UX design. During the workshops, we learned about the fundamentals of Blockchain.

What's next for RBC Quickpass

Work on developing a more polished prototype, implement and evaluate the effectiveness a RBC Quickpass machine at a local branch.

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