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What is the inspiration behind Rapyd Zero?

According to Statista, retail e-commerce solely in the U.S. is expected to go over $740 billion by 2023. Now, imagine that on a global scale. More and more, startups, multinationals, independent creators, influencers, and family business to cite a few are switching to online commerce to make a living, receive payments, and create a community. Yet, there are so many barriers to receive payments and create stores online on a global scale. Rapyd Zero fills that gap.

What does Rapyd Zero do?

Rapyd Zero allows people to receive payments and create stores online with 0 lines of code and in less than 1 minute. Each store has a link that can be shared or embedded on any social media network including, but not limited to: Facebook, Notion, Spotify, Wordpress, Wix, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Messenger, and the list goes on. Our research also shows that there are more than 76 million active crypto wallets worldwide - and this is just the beginning. Because of that, Rapyd Zero allows store owners to receive payments in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether. Stores can be created by anyone with no technical background required. Everything was created so that everyone anywhere can receive payments and create stores online instantaneously.

How was Rapyd Zero built?

We built Rapyd Zero on top of a suite of Rapyd APIs, including Rapyd Collect, Rapyd Disburse, and Rapyd Wallet. Rapyd Collect was used to handle payments to stores and individuals, Rapyd Wallets were created to store money made during transactions, and Rapyd Disburse was used to help store owners and payment receivers to transfer money from their Rapyd Zero accounts to their personal bank accounts. In order to build our production and test servers with the Rapyd APIs, we used Node.js. Rapyd Zero's front-end was entirely built using React.js, CSS, Javascript, and JSX. All icons, logos, and svgs were also made entirely from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Challenges the Rapyd Zero team ran into:

We took a while to figure out how to work with Rapyd's API request validation procedure. It uses some advanced timing and encryption mechanisms, but eventually we got the hand of it and had a great time working with it. We also took some time to figure out how to give the easiest user experience for our future clients so that anyone could set up a store and receive payments in a matter of seconds.

Accomplishments the Rapyd Zero team is proud of:

  • Creating a platform that is easy enough for anyone to receive payments and create stores in a few seconds.
  • Setting up a powerful and elegant server side script that handles our Rapyd transactions and store creations.
  • Having a really good time creating Rapyd Zero!
  • Testing Rapyd Zero with some business outside, allowing others to experiment Rapyd Zero and receive payments in just a few seconds (including with cryptocurrencies).

What we learned:

  • How to use Rapyd's suite of APIs (including Rapyd Collect, Disburse, and Wallet).
  • How to use Rapyd's APIs request validation protocols (with timing accuracy and encryption).
  • How different payment transactions work online.

What's next for Rapyd Zero?

The Rapyd Zero team is looking forward to testing Rapyd Zero with even more customers now. During this competition, we tested Rapyd Zero with some shops in our city, getting fascinating results regarding its simplicity, usefulness, and flexibility. Now, we would like to take Rapyd Zero globally on the hands of influencers, family and established businesses. We are also looking forward to adding extra availability for more crypto assets as payment methods, including standard ERC-20 tokens, such as LTC and BNB, and ERC-721 tokens for NFT support.

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