Really like rouge like games in general, was inspired to try my hand at it.

What it does

Its a game where you need to survive as long as possible against increasingly difficult odds.

How I built it

C++ in a team of two using SDL and glew as the most noteworthy libraries

Challenges I ran into

Building an engine from scratch in C++ is hard, took us both 8 hours to just get the engine to a point where we could draw things to the screen, plus 24 hours with no sleep is no easy task!

Also, it is surprising hard to balance a game (even one as small as this one) to be both fun and challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did it, got a working prototype in 24 hours that ticks most of our initial goals we set when we first started working!

Making it through the night was a big achievement, sleep will be welcome tonight for sure.

What I learned

Time management is key when handling projects like these, especially when working in a team. Tools wise, we both learnt how to use git, a new experience for us both.

What's next for Ram-Fro

Clearly: 'Ram-Fro, return of the killer vampires!'

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