Let's say you're at Lollapalooza with your friends, but some of you wanna go to different stages for a bit. How do you meet back up? You could tell everyone to meet back at "that one food truck," but what if you forget what it looks like, or where it is? And is that really the quickest way to meet back up so you can continue exploring the festival grounds? We wanted a solution, so we made one.

How it works

Using a Meteor full-js stack thingy, we were able to utilize phone hardware level services such as compass and geolocation in order to create a cross-platform application that will direct you to the quickest meeting point for all of your friends. We utilized the Google Maps API to dynamically calculate the midpoint of all of your friends, as well as your distance from the midpoint. On our compass view, the compass will point to the heading of the midpoint in relation to you and display your calculated distance.

Challenges we ran into

Only one team member was familiar with Meteor and one member had no previous real Javascript experience, so a lot of time was used to instruct other members on how to code Meteor. We spent a lot of time trying to debug cross browser and cross platform issues when it came to hardware calls such as geolocation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our UI is very modern, clean, and easy to use.

What we learned

A lot more about Meteor than we ever expected to.

What's next for rallyPoint

Integration with Pebble companion app, in order to utilize the built-in compass to point to the midpoint, while using your phone's GPS for actual location.

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