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What's next for QuickMeal

As four college students, we have experienced and witness first hand the negative consequences of the college debt crisis. Understanding the limitations we have changing direct fees in place by the institution, we looked to mitigate this problem by tackling one of the major indirect fees students have to pay: food. The academic success of a student is significantly stunted when they have limited access to food. What makes this problem more frustrating is that other students on campus sometimes have an excess of food that goes to waste. This is demonstrated through the surplus of unused meal swipes that some students have throughout the year. QuickMeal, a mobile application designed to facilitate the exchange of meals, is our solution to stabilizing the imbalance between students who have too many swipes and students who have too little.

Through this experience, we had the opportunity to learn about the destructive and detrimental effects of food insecurity. Additionally, we learned how to use and explored Adobe software, Twine, and Eclipse to helped us solve the problem the way we see fit. When building Quickmeal, our major roadblocks came from building the app on Android Studio and Eclipse. Despite not being able to successfully use Android Studio, we challenged ourselves to find other solutions to demonstrate QuickMeal's functionality. Ultimately, we hope to see QuickMeal's success beyond the hackathon to help tackle this problem.

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