Covid-19 pandemic puts the whole World at stake. In order to face this unexpected crisis the E-Queue team offers an opportunity to avoid any kind of gathering in your daily life. The more you avoid crowd, the more you stop pandemic spread.

What it does

The developed software provides customers with a list of closest shops selling essential goods. The interface separates users wanting to use the service from users offering a service. On the one hand, supermarkets, including small-sized local ones, provide customers with the possibility to pre-select items before picking them up in store or having them delivered at home. On the other hand, the owners of the shop can use it as a queue busting system, eliminating unnecessary assemblage and giving customers the possibility to safely get to the shop, avoiding them a waste of time.

In other words:

1) Customers:

  • Closest shops selling essential goods
  • Book a time slot
  • Avoid gatherings
  • Shop online
  • Safety

2) Companies:

  • Opening shops in total safety
  • Avoid gatherings
  • Customer management
  • Fisical shift proportionate to the online booking
  • Boosted employee safety
  • Include Local shops, otherwise excluded due to the high prices of such services.

Moreover, we firmly commited ourselves to tracking the current invisible enemy, the virus. In order to do so, the localization system will keep a record of each single user providing governments with a faster and more accurate overview of their citizens. Indeed, the app could release a self-certification, creating a sort of memory allowing citizens to get to the shops less frequently, contrary to what is currently happening in our country. The idea is based on a comparison between South Korea, China, New Zealand and Italy and how similar platforms have helped governments to enter the so called ‘phase-two’. During this phase, the world could use this platform for everyday life involving gatherings such as visiting museums, see a doctor, going to the cinema or to a restaurant.

Our solution has been created to avoid the virus to further spread throughout the world, once again.

How we built it

We want to develop an MVP by creating a web platform using the Flask framework with Angular as a front-end and Python as back-end.

Challenges we ran into

We set our selves two goals:

  • health
  • time saving.

We want to increase our user’s safety by making their exposure on the streets shorter. We can save our users time by setting up a booking system for purchases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a group of students using their expertise in order to offer new solutions to make everybody’s daily life much easier.

What we learned

There is no crisis that we couldn’t overcome together. United we stand, divided we fall.

What's next for QUEUE

Life will restart again. That is when E-queue will provide you a life without crowds, without waste of time.

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