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a simple local job search app for everyone in need

What is QuestBoard?

QuestBoard is a very well designed software bundle aimed to fix common problems around us. It provides a very simple way to explore the quests (help wanted) close to them.

Why QuestBoard?

We designed QuestBoard with user in our minds, instead of going through the painful process registering and searching. It's UI gives user a clear view what requests are available and what is it about. User then can easily apply using email and password if they choose to post a new job request or accepting one.

How can I use QuestBoard?

QuestBoard is available on the iOS during launch as a native application, it is also available on all platforms during launch as a Angular.js application.

Technologies used

socket.io , mongodb , angular.js , swift , node.js are the main technologies used in this product, we also used many other tools to help us build this fantastic application.

We really hope you enjoyed QuestBoard, we enjoyed so much while building it.

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