We wanted to make ATM banking a seamless interaction.

What it does

The Program prompts the user for an ATM transaction that they wish to perform. If the users account has sufficient funds, a QR code is generate which stores the users account data, and the amount that they would like to withdraw or deposit. The user than has one hour to scan the code at an ATM and the transaction will be performed instantly.

How I built it

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used to simulate an ATM, and React, SQLite, Django, and REST were used to manage and model the transactions and database. Various APIs were also used to implement QR scanning and generation.

Challenges I ran into

The largest challenges that we experienced during this project was working in new environments and trying to get the environments to interact.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of coming up with an idea that we really believe in.

What I learned

We learned to perform web development using React and Django, as well as to implement a database with SQL. We also gained experience working in a team on one Large project with may moving parts.

What's next for QRency

We plan on implementing NFC usability to coexist with the QR scanning functionality. Face ID will also increase security without slowing down the transaction time at an ATM. Geolocation services to find the closest ATMs will also be added for convenience

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