With all the craze about COVID 19 going around, while talking with a couple of friends, I got to draw teh conclusion that one major problem being faced is that patients who are sick and in the hospital are at risk of getting COVID-19 because infected persons show up at medical facilities randomly, whether or not they know they are infected.

Also people who maybe experiencing some health issues, put themselves at risk by showing up to the hospitals because of the possible contact with infected people at many medical facilities.

With hospitals being really crowded and doctors being overwhelmed right now, it is hard on them when people with "lesser issues" also come to the hospital.

Finally with the spread of all sorts of information online about the virus, people do need a reliable source of information about the virus in the general.

With all of this, I got inspired to develop an application that will help connect people with medical facilities in their localities and make it possible for them to chat with professionals in those facilities, consult and ask questions. This way, the doctor/nurse can ascertain if the patient needs to come to the hospital or not, can provide required information to keep patients safe from a distance as well as carry out proper consultation sessions through the app.

What it does

The app permits medical facilities to easily mark their location on the map, in order to be easily located by patients in the locality.

Gives users the possibility to search for medical facilities by location or by name. They can search various locations, change the search radius for location based searches, while looking at a real time rendering of the various medical facilities in the vicinity.

Once they find one center they want to contact, they just need to start a chat. This sends a chat request to the facility, which in turn accepts the request and they can start a session with ease.

Chatting right now is mainly by text with the possibility of uploading photos. Doctors and nurses can request for extra information from the user talking to them. They can make recommendations and can resume a session at anytime.

Notifications are extremely important, because unlike normal chats, these chats are key to saving lives.

How I built it

In order to build with speed and stability and scalability, I employed technology and tools which I had the most experience with.

I made use of cloud firestore from firebase as my main database application, making the application completely serverless and enabling me to focus fully on the frontend and work faster.

I made use of google maps, and geofirex for geo near queries in firebase, to be able to query facilities by location and by proximity to a certain location.

The user interface is built purely in vue using nuxt js as the framework for faster development.

Challenges I ran into

Main challenge for this has been developing the application alone and in such a short time. Having to make all design decisions in a hurry, because of how dire the situation we face is and how urgent the solution we need is.

It was also particularly hard doing geo queries in firebase to query based on geopoint data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Being able to work on this project with a potential for an immediate impact on the world and possibly saving lots of lives is a key factor for me.
  2. The time it took me to take all key decisions and get the project to were it is right now (all in a day) is a new milestone for me

What I learned

  1. Cloud Firestore
  2. raw manilulations with google maps, shapes, markers and lines ## What's next for qMunity Right now qMunity is not ready to lunch as we still need to perfect the chat feature and make it ready for production But after that, the next focus is enabling video and audio chat, and also adding our qChat feature, which will help more people stay at home by increasing they online engagement.

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