We wanted to build a game that was fun to play, but also reminded people of the importance of precautions like masks and social distancing.

Our game is a 3D drag and drop game, where the player clicks on characters to move them around within the environment. The goal of the game is to make sure all the customers stay socially distance, because they naturally gravitate towards one another. There are markings on the floor, similar to ones you may see in a real store, to indicate where the costumers must stand in line.

Our game was built using Unity, where we developed the majority of our game and coded the scripts. We also used programs like Blender and Voxel, to model assets and animate them.

We faced a few challenges while designing our game. This was mainly due to the fact that we could not share a project on Unity, so we had to transfer files and switch back and forth for different aspects of our game. We also had issues with the programs crashing, and ended up losing a lot of our code and some of our animations because of this.

Due to some of the setbacks we faced, we weren't able to add as much as we would have liked to to the game. We had ideas for other levels, as well as character scripts that were either deleted, or that we did not have time to finish.

We learned a lot about character movement and randomizing paths in this project, and we hope to bring those skills into more games and other designs in the future.

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