Mashkor is an application to motivate health volunteers to contribute to emergencies through effective and easy communication and provide an easy solution for paramedics to know the patient’s history if needed.

What it does

It's to help patient to get his important services and medicine in few min through send the nearest doctors and volunteers to him. no need to go to the health facilities.

How we built it

we built it depend in the information from guide and member about hajj and then create a solution using all this information by use programing language like ( java , php ,...) and script and markup.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The number of countries where pilgrims come from and the spread of some epidemics in them.

  2. High demand on medical services during peak times.

  3. Difficulty in transporting patients and arrival of ambulances due overcrowding.

  4. The unavailability of medical files belonging to international pilgrims.

  5. The prescription if he ask for the specific medicine

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Provide quick medical services to pilgrims by directing doctors and volunteers to the pilgrim's place. No need to direct the patient to the health facilities only when needed. Alerts will also be sent to the pilgrims to ensure that they drink water or avoid heat stress and sunstroke.

What we learned

Patients spent hours just to arrive to the health center and waiting in queue to find a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

What's next for Q-031-Mashkor

Develop it and add many features for it. Ex: supporting different languages.

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