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A pixel art app for game developers and artists. Speed up your development time with a strong toolset designed by the best pixel artists in the industry. Powered by Electron, React, Redux, Web Pointers, WebGL 2, Clarifai.


  • Pallete Management - Manage your palletes across sprites to maintain a consistant pallete for your entire game, with built in Pallete analysis tools and automatic color correction.

Planned Features

  • Dithering Brushes - Take advantage of dithering research normally reserved for gifs to make your pixel art amazing.

  • Smart Deformations - Transform your sprites without worrying about losing fidelity, rotate, scale, and skew to your heart's content.

  • Animations - build your animations with onion skinning, bones, or a mix of both! Load bone animations from blender and render them out as pixel art!

  • Command Pallete - Similar to most text editors, you can type away commands to get things done faster.

  • Extensions - Add more features with the extension api, make a custom brush script, generate some art procedurally, you name it! Our API features Type Definitions for your JavaScript or TypeScript code for autocomplete & code linting.

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