We were trying to find a way to actually have the community work together towards a goal. Using game mechanics we decided to implement a system where the users could either PULL people into the community or PUSH an event for it.

We created the PULL and PUSH Points and they behave (more or less) like a Light vs Dark side of the force (hehe)

the idea is that the more people someone pulls or the more they grow their startup they get PULLPOINTS and the more events or connections they get, they earn PUSHPOINTS

In the end the behaviours are opposites, but the objective is the same. Create a community that works together towards a better future.

Even if we don't win, feel free to use the concepts of the points, we really think using game mechanics will transform the users into active players that will commit and develop HarlemTech forward.

To access the dashboard you'll need this user and password: http://www.essetra.com/ht/wp-admin user: administrator pwd: D1na$tY-W4rr10$

Thanks again for everything

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