Since its emergence in December of 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the lives of the global population. In Canada, the daily case rate has increased eightfold since last October. Financial security and physical health have became the top priorities of people around the world. We are aiming to protect both and giving solutions for the community during the challenging era of Covid-19.

What it does

The Protect-21 application sends a friendly reminder notification to the user to wear their mask every time they leave / depart from key locations (such as their home and place of business). Our application will also encourage the proper wear of their mask and verify them to minimize the risk of exposure. This app promotes both safe practice of wearing a mask during this pandemic and helps the user to avoid preventable costs, such as buying an overpriced, single use mask, or paying a fine for violating a mask mandate, such as those seen in British Columbia aboard transit vehicles. To further encourage hygiene, a key factor in preventing the contraction of the coronavirus, the user receives a friendly reminder notification once they return to a key location to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

How we built it

Technologies used:
APIs used : Google Login, Firebase, Maps, Geolocation, Trusted Web Activity, Google Assistant, Teachable Machine
Tools: React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ionic, Tensorflow JS
Libraries: pl5 and ml5 (React)

Challenges we ran into

Serving static HTML on React, and refining the UI to maintain the accessibility of the app, such as ensuring that appearance is uniform across all platforms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The usability, accessibility (web, android, iOS), and cost-effectiveness (no expensive technologies or proprietary hardware used) of the app.

What we learned

JavaScript, how to convert a React app into a Progressive Web app, how to implement Google Assistant and Alexa.

What's next for Protect-21

Implementing a functionality for saving multiple key locations.

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