In the constantly changing society where new jobs are always created, have you ever wondered the job functions of other professions?

What do artists design in their daily activities? How do engineers accomplish their tasks? How is the process of manufacturing like?

ProNets was born to bridge the gap between the vague understanding of each occupation and its actual daily work or responsibility.

ProNets will be useful for:

Professional individuals

ProNets provides instant match across different professions around the world with accurate depictions and opens up precious opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations.

High school/ College students

Real data from ProNets can also benefit high school students who long to take a glimpse at various professions’ functionality, in order to choose best-suited majors in college.

What it does

After registering with authorized information, users have access to a dashboard with a variety of functionalities. Users can post, either text messages, pictures, or videos of their current tasks. Our backend system will gather all posts happened at the same time and group their information according to profession or domain (e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics, Design, Education, Art, etc.). ProNets will send notifications to all users based on their domain or specified interests.

All raw data collected from users will be streamed into our master database. Such data can be searched by high school students who would like to know more about each profession.

Therefore, ProNets is an educational application for working individuals and high school/ college students.

How we built it

Several pieces of technology were utilized to bring ProNet into reality: Android Studio was chosen for application development, and Python Flask was used for out RestAPI. Google Cloud was used to host our backend server, and Firebase was used as our database.

Challenges we ran into

Multiple challenges were encountered as we had never used some mentioned platformed before.

Getting REST API to work on Android was one of them, and passing data between different threads on Android was not straight-forward.

On the server side, figuring out the mapping between external IP and internal IP on Google Cloud, and creating firewalls and learning how to write access rules for Firebase database were main challenges which we have overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, our wonderful user interface was designed by one of our team members. Second, we have successfully built a minimally viable product (MVP) with the integration of front-end design, backend database, key features, and notification systems.

What we learned

During a short amount of time, we had successfully learned and implemented some core functions with new technologies and platforms.

What's next for ProNets

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