It started with the idea of ​​selling online game authentication tokens and was inspired by a smart contract called Bomb that tries to adjust the distribution speed.

What it does

Those who have the contract of Tier 0 as a base can get tokens of the linked application by burning it. The currency managed by the Tier0 contract loses a certain percentage when you send money, but the lost currency goes back to the Remaining pool.

How we built it

Dapp was built with React.js. The smart contract uses Ganache and Truffle in consideration of deployment to the Ethereum environment. The tokens of Tier 1 and later layers are used by 0x products so that they can be freely traded.

Challenges we ran into

Although it was the first time to use 0x, it was introduced because it was very promising.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think it's great to be able to create Dapp that works from Tier 0 to Tier 2 so that you can imagine what actually moves. In addition, the UI has also been devised, such as creating a video.

What we learned

From the environment construction in Dapp creation to the test method, bugs and mistakes that are easy to fall in are well understood and learned.

What's next for Project Cre8

I would like to create more tiers and create an online game authentication token that was originally envisioned.

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