To make a mobile application that shows how crowded an area is; without collecting personal data of the user or any other devices nearby, i.e. it respects your privacy.

What it does

The mobile application informs the device owner:

  • of crowdedness in a selected location/area via by presenting a map with colors corresponding to the degree of crowdedness

The application also enables its users to modify and correct the data by adding their own perception about an area recently visited. Thus doesn't rely only on external (operator provided data), but kind of "crowd sourcing"

How we built it

  • Flutter framework

Challenges we ran into

Availability of mobile operator services that provide anonymous mobile location information How to keep the privacy of users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for crowd-A-void

  • Porting to desktop.
  • Making it available also as an add-on to popular map/navigation applications, e.g. something like Waze.

Built With

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