Track : A Scalable NFT Art Project 🎨

Inspiration 🌌

We always used to wonder about our place in the stars and this, is our attempt to capture the infinite essence of our universe through a collection of sweet & simple NFTs. Through this collection, we aim to share our love of Space with the world & also demonstrate some of the most beautiful features of the universe like randomness, vastness etc. through our artworks.

What it does 🚀

  • The Pretty Planets are more than 1000 unique digital art collectibles, created by a custom generative algorithm.
  • Each artwork is comprised of a multitude of features such as terrain, rings and composition. No two planets will ever be alike!
  • Not only that, each artwork also has a unique background with a randomly distributed starfield!
  • All this because we want you to feel the vastness and randomness of the space through which we slowly tread!

How we built it 🛰

  • The base features were designed using Adobe Illustrator & Canva.
  • Each feature is part of one of many layers and has a “Rarity” associated with it.
  • Once all the features are available in their respective layers, we generate the final Pretty Planet with the magic of Python, OpenCV and Alpha Blending.
  • With the help basic coordinate geometry and a hint of randomness we add the starfield in the background as the final feature to our image!

Challenges we ran into ✨

  • Coming up with a fully automated pipeline that can generate the final NFT given the base input features layers.
  • Using python and opencv to cleanly blend and layer the different features to create a single entity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ☄

  • As of now, we were able to generate 1024 images out of possible 3024 images from just 37(12 planets + 6 ring configurations + 7 terrain configurations + 6 facial expressions) available input features!
  • We were able to automate the whole procedure of generating the final NFT from the start to the end.
  • This shows, that our solution can be scaled to generate any amount of unique NFTs with just a small number of input assets!

Fun Fact: We plan to even generate those input assets programmatically as well. This means more uniqueness, more randomness etc.

What we learned 🌃

  • We learned tons of new things about the concept of NFTs while searching for some inspirations.
  • Trying to make the whole process automated, we learned a lot about scripting, image manipulation etc.

What's next for Pretty Planets 🌟💫

  • By adding more features, we can scale up our solution and generate more images with ease.
  • We plan to add ceremonial features such as crowns and we plan to capture once in a lifetime astronomical events in our NFTs.
  • We also plan to add some features that help us spread awareness about critical global features like global warming, deforestation etc.
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