Have you ever commuted past a disused space that you know could be put to better use? Have you ever had a great idea for your street or your local area? Maybe you shared it with your friends or your family but that’s it? What if you could connect with other people that support your idea, help you refine it, or even donate their time or money to help you achieve it?

What we heard

There are other sites that list community ideas and suggestions. There are other sites for fundraising. They have no way for ideas to get traction, find collaborators, and build a community.

What it does

Let’s just say you are walking down Elizabeth Street, it’s dull, it’s gray, smeared with ugly graffiti: it’s just plain boring. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a colourful mural in this spot? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could not only envision this, but communicate it to others: Jump to pretty city. Post your idea, share it on facebook, build a following, find collaborators, acquire donations. Pretty City is a hub which allows you to upload ideas about improving your urban environment, sharing it with others, and making it happen.

How we built it

We built it as a responsive web app and mobile app that uses google maps, facebook, android nearby, and braintree APIs to deliver a rich and integrated user experience.

Challenges we ran into

We’ve identified a weakness as not getting enough momentum to get critical mass of users. Our strategy to gain momentum would be to source projects / ideas from Council and Tourism NSW etc. before launching the site. This would allow a larger “launch” and garner media attention etc.

Accomplishments we’re proud of

We overcame this by providing a framework for the ideas using geo-location, tags and textual descriptions, photos and mock up capabilities. The app then allows you to broadcast the idea, to validate the idea with likes and followers, but MORE importantly finding other collaborators and funders that can help you on your journey to prettify the city.

Pretty City is about creating a flow between idea inception, community and implementation.

What's next for pretty

Build proof of concept, user experience, user testing, workshopping, release.

Answers to the business model canvass Problem - No easy way of sharing ideas with other people for a physical location Solution - A location based app that helps you share, grow and implement ideas Metrics - 800K of projects over 2 years, break even point, customer life time one project, projects 20 projects of 40K Unique Value Proposition - real time geo-notification of ideas in your community Unfair advantage - real time, visual, geographic, community engagement Channels - Facebook, app notification, physical signs at project locations Customer segments - USERS - urban dwellers users, CUSTOMERS businesses, passional individuals /philanthropists, local authorities/government. Cost structure - assumption 80K to develop and maintain over 2 years Revenue stream - take 10% margin of income

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