The world has changed a lot ever since the Covid19 wrecked havoc on all our lives. The medical personnel have been the front-runners, leading us in this dire situation. It is our duty to make it as easier for them as possible to work so they can help more people in need. In a country like India, almost all medical professionals give handwritten prescriptions. We need to change this and move towards a more digital approach. Going digital also has the advantage of reducing paper consumption apart from making it easier. This also works in reducing contact between the medical staff and their patients.

What it does

Our project is based in a web app. It takes multiple inputs such as the personal details, the symptoms of the patient, the diagnosis by the doctor, the prescription medicines for the patient and the any addition comments to be given. It takes all this using speech recognition on the push of a button. However as we know, speech recognition doesn't always work the way its supposed to. Hence we have made the details immediately editable incase the speech to text is not to your satisfaction. Once all the details are finalized, the web app directly makes a pdf prescription using the details given.

How we built it

We are a team of 2. This is our first hackathon and we were on video call almost throughout the hack. Both of us worked equally hard on our parts and kept communicating in order to keep spirits high and also be efficient. The hack was really fun and we learnt a lot.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of problems and faced quite a lot of issues. Most of the things we did, we didn't know before we started the hack. So starting from beginning was quite a lot of work. Involved a lot of articles and YouTube Tutorials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the fact that we learned so many new things in quite a short period of time. We came up with a great idea, planned it throughout and executed a great team effort.

What we learned

Shvetha learnt how to work with Flask and create a complete project whereas Yash learnt a lot about python and using various libraries in it.

What's next for PrescriptBuddy

We wanted to make this so that it sent a mail and a whatsapp message with the attached prescription. However we weren't able to find enough time to complete it. We would also have liked to upload the prescriptions to cloud so that it can be easily accessible. In addition an account Sign In for the doctor will keep all the prescriptions of that doctor together and can be accessed at any time.

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