Members of the group: Jarrod Burrowes, Aliyah Desautels, and Reece Tilgner

Inspiration and Significance: Currently, Dominion Energy exists as one of the leading producers and transporters of energy in the nation, providing for approximately 26,000 megaWatts of electric generation and over 6 million utility and retail energy customers. As a company dedicated to servicing its customers with safety, reliability, and accessibility, the next big innovation for Dominion Energy is the implementation of a novel app that would revolutionize the way consumers interact with their energy provider. As the world jumps into the modern tech age, customers in today’s world are on the move, and are increasingly using mobile applications to get there. Our team’s innovative approach to move Dominion Energy forward to a mobile platform is guaranteed to improve the trifold of convenience, accessibility, and communication for the energy consumer, ultimately building customer loyalty, service reliability, and rocketing Dominion Energy far ahead of the competition when it comes to business-consumer relationships. In addition, ease of access to the consumer is transformed by the cutting-edge implementation of a smart chatbot, improving customer connections. Nicknamed DOM, the communicative UI provides an advanced AI within the app dedicated to providing for consumer needs and inquiries 24/7. The technology would advance Dominion Energy’s customer service, promoting ease of access through the use of a simple chat, voice control, or even the use of Alexa to access all of the customer’s needs. Our goal was to develop an app to improve the user interface of the customer. We intend to develop an app for iOS devices to grant customers access to their Dominion Energy™ accounts away from their computers. We understand the Dominion Energy™ mobile site is accessible via smartphones but we intend on making smartphone access more user-friendly.

Our Product: Our team has designed a unique mobile application that revolutionizes the way Dominion Energy engages with its customers. The app as a whole provides a much more user-friendly interface, with exclusive features unparalleled by the use of a traditional website. Users are able to interact with the app through their own Dominion Energy accounts, allowing for a much more personalized experience. Managing your personal account has never been more fun, as a simple and graphical way to display electricity usage statistics makes understanding your billing statements effortless. In addition, the generated statistics shown to the customer are able to channel into an all-new “green energy” initiative, incentivizing people to reduce their footprint and increase energy efficiency. A contemporary way to publicize Dominion Energy’s sustainability and renewable energy projects, the eco-friendly promotion also appeals to the customer as a “smaller footprint = smaller bill”, increasing customer loyalty. The implementation of a mobile app expands communication to the capabilities of push notifications. Customers can choose to receive important notices and updates straight to the palm of their hand, greatly broadening ease of access and eliminating miscommunications. Even more ingenious is the employment of a smart ChatBot, ‘DOM’. DOM has been programmed with AI to understand speech, answer consumer questions, create work orders, file complaints from customers, check billing statements, and more. DOM operates as a one-stop, intelligent bot that is always prepared to provide Dominion Energy customers with everything, including assistance in managing accounts, receiving updates on smart meter status in the event of an outage, learning about personal energy usage, educating on how to reduce footprint, managing power finances and saving energy costs.

Our Vision: We hope to lay the groundwork for the Dominion Energy™ mobile app. We hope to provide customers with a user-friendly interface where they can access the entirety of their Dominion Energy™ account. This includes bill payment, outage reports, energy usage, account settings, and view your Bolt Score. Our new Bolt Score is how customers know how green they’re being this month. The higher the score, the less impact they’re having on the environment. Customers can ‘earn’ a higher Bolt Score by using less energy than average, producing energy via solar panels, This is a way for customers to gauge their environmental impact. Other features will include bill management and analysis of previous months and current usage to predict one’s bill at the end of the month. The communicative AI ‘DOM’ would also skyrocket accessibility on the client-side.

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