PORTAL is an augmented reality solution that allows its users to experience the location they're visiting through content which is overlapped with their surrounding.

This includes images, videos, 3D models, sounds, relevant stories etc. The app is envisioned as a solution for Covid-19 effects on a tourism industry, more specifically tourist agencies that have lost all of their business and cannot any longer offer tours as their core services.


Portal is created with marker-based technology adapted for outdoor environment which we used for the first time during Balkathon. In essence, we've managed to create a stable, fully offline AR experience that is generated as soon as you point your phone camera towards a location that contains content. It doesn't require a GPS position, nor does it require any data to be collected from a person's device in order for it to work.

With the app we developed during these two days of Balkathon, we have a scalable AR solution that can be deployed in multiple cities extremely fast because all it requires is swaping the content and it's ready to go. There is no need for additional coding.


We are going to partner with tourist agencies in different cities and they will provide the content for the app, so in that way sourcing of data about different locations is short and efficient. Our job is to put it into the app and deliver it to agencies that will sell it to end users (tourists).

In terms of revenue, it is shared 50-50 between us and the agencies.

We have already had successful talks about the concept with agencies in Sarajevo, Skopje, Baku and Cairo and they are excited to see and use our solution.


During Balkathon, we decided to experiment with marker-based AR and it was worth it. We managed to adapt it for outdoor use and create a full app from scratch within two days. Specifically, we did:

1) Location mapping of two locations in Sarajevo

2) Marker creation out of the mapping data we received, as well as adapting them for development in Unity

3) Content sourcing and creation for two location that are showcased in the app

4) App development which included UI/UX design and coding of the app

5) App testing on location, to make sure it works in various different conditions (cloudy weather, sun, low light etc)

6) Video creation

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