This is Pop. Pop isn't about talking or holding a conversation. Pop is about having fun. Teasing a little bit. Letting someone know you're thinking of them. We don't always want to hold a conversation, but we're always ready to wrestle, trip, pop, or karate chop our friends.

We wanted to connect to people in a way that wasn't possible before. While there are a bunch of communication apps out there, there's none that can effectively push, pop, or slap you as well as Pop can.

Our application is targeted towards anyone who's looking to have a little fun, play a little dirty, or just wants to get weird with it.

This app is a technological marvel. The feature that we're most proud of is the nearby friends feature. By using magic (multi-peer connectivity framework), we allow friends to connect in a more meaningful way, without the use of unnecessary usernames.

Pop. Come join the battle.

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