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We are having problems integrating the blue tooth controller yet. It has something to do with our controller as if it is sending a different action code on some buttons. So instead , we move on to other task that needs to be done. So far here are the following things we've done.


  1. Fully Working UI : complete with interactions , however we are still using keyboard inputs for now. This will be changed once we have a new Bluetooth controller.

  2. Sandbox / Tutorial Level is finished : This is the first level we've done. After integrating all the game mechanics here , level progression would be easy.

  3. Edge Canon Mk 1 is finished : The primary turret the user will use to destroy the targets.

On Going

  1. Canon Adjustment and firing Controls : This includes the interaction between the control panel and the canon.
  2. Development of other levels : We are currently adding 5 different levels for the users to play.
  3. Level Progression : The user cannot proceed to the next level once the previous level was not a success
  4. Bluetooth Controls : All inputs of the controller are read and currently integrating to the game
  5. Level Progress : Currently making on how the system will know how much progress the player is making and telling the player that he passed the level and can proceed
  6. In game help instructions : This will help the player on what he is going to do , basically the controls , how to's and objectives
  7. Sound Design : Still looking for a good background music , effects etc.
  8. Beautification and Optimization : After all the core features are done . We will then focus on how we can make the game look better and play smoother.

Achievements so far

  1. Maintained 60fps above ( On our device Xiaomi Mi 3 )
  2. Graphics look vivid and good
  3. We had much fun :D

VIDEO LINK: Video Notes :

The game doesn’t have audio yet. And we will patch this up soon. The video was recorded using fraps inside our pc as we are still fixing the issues with our Bluetooth controller. The purpose to this video is to only showcase the progress we have made.

Test APK is not yet available . we will provide as soon as we can

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