Hack the North 2019 Project created by Kevin Zhang, Anne Chung, Lizzie Kim and David Lu.


PokeBank is an app for students and young adults that encourages them to put money in their savings accounts whenever they can. It's wise to save a small amount of money every time you get your paycheck. It teaches you how to budget for the future and how to treat the money that you earn without any waste.

What PokeBank does

Everytime the user transfers money to their savings account, they unlock in-game currency which they can use to buy mystery boxes with a random Pokémon inside. This not only encourages users to collect all the Pokémon, but also encourages users to save money and be frugal.

Complimenting the app, we have made it easier than ever to transfer money into your savings account by making a Amazon Alexa skill where a user can deposit money into their savings account just by saying "Save me $____". The more you deposit into your savings account, the more pokemon you can have!

How we built it

We build our app using react native because we wanted our application to be available on a variety of platforms. We implemented Firebase to build our user database and login\signup features. We used the TD DaVinci API to obtain simulated user banking data and to transfer money from the users chequing to their savings account. Then we used Voiceflow to allow Amazon Alexa to transfer money between accounts.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew how to build using react native so the whole process was a learning experience. There involved a lot of Googling, documentation reading, and Stackoverflow.

What we learned

  • React has a learning curve, but it's also a super versatile tool with an amazing online community.
  • Voiceflow makes building voice apps 99% easier.

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