The inspiration for our project came from our own childhood. As people of colour we never found ourselves in history. We never saw examples or “heroes” or the importance of our cultures in Canada, despite the multi-cultural effort. So we decided to make it possible for children to have that opportunity.

Our app allows children to begin to develop a better understanding of self as well as other cultures, ethnicities, and races. We want to make learning fun while providing accurate information that would be approachable to a younger audience. We strive to de-stigmatize and increase accessibility to resources relating to anti-racism and cultural awareness. Our app would lead to children growing up with role models and people like them in history, which is not provided for children of color in the school system. Not having an understanding of your history and culture can cause disconnection and self-esteem issues that we aim to ease or dissolve with this learning tool.

We ran into challenges when coding our assignment because of our limited knowledge of code. Despite this challenge, we managed to create a splash page for our POCO app, including a creator section, a download section, and a section describing our goals with the app. Through this project, we were able to learn more code and expand on the limited knowledge we initially had and realized how closed off we were from certain aspects of our own backgrounds.

Building We decided to build the app in Figma, Adobe XD and Illustrator to be able to have full creativity and control. As design students we heavily relied on our UX and UI skills to create an efficient and easy user flow for our target audience. All our components illustrations and videos were made by us over the last 48 hours. We learned to work quicker and more efficiently.

What is next for POCO We want to develop this app into a useful classroom and home tool. By implementing co-share or co-op games. We think that having it translated into different languages in collaboration with the Ontario School system would be a useful way to include and celebrate BIPOC students. Expanding the app with collaborations for example a collaboration with Spotify to include educational podcasts and music from around the world.

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