Our method

of intentional and strategic use of illustration in marketing yields higher returns from increased brand recognition and consistency

Why mint my brand assets to the blockchain

NFTs present a unique opportunity for businesses to tokenize and trade creative assets with one another. To that end, we facilitate the creation and tokenization of brand identities to the blockchain.

Our creatives earn what we call, Origin Credits while the companies that work with us gain peace of mind through Proof of History, powered by Solana, and permanence verified by the blockchain.

In the event of a secondary sale, 10% will be paid to PocketFuel.io as royalties to be distributed as Origin Credits to each creator involved in the project.

How we built it

Right now, PocketFuel.io is built on Webflow.com. The brand identity, website and content were all created by the founder, Hans Turner. Currently we plan to use SolSea.io, the Open Marketplace for Solana to mint our NFTs but in the future we plan on building our own solution directly into the site.

Our history: From the founder, Hans Turner

After graduating from the Art Institute of Charleston, I was hired as a design intern for a small agency called, Q4Launch. In the 7 years I worked there as the only designer, we launched hundreds of sites and landed on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list 4 years in a row! The team grew from 4 to 40.

The relationships and experience I gained from that time and since then moving on to work with brands like Facebook and Instagram have significantly shaped many of my views on the business of branding and marketing.

I would like to humbly thank all those who've mentored, worked alongside, pushed, pulled, and motivated me to always improve. ‍ In the spirit of evolution, join me as I leap head first into the business of branding businesses to the blockchain.

Sincerely, Hans Turner

Challenges we face

Like other blockchain companies our biggest challenge to overcome will be instilling trust in our partners and clients surrounding the price volatility of crypto. Unfortunately get rich-quick-schemes, scammers, and crypto traders have tainted the reputation of the blockchain increasing the need for more practical uses for NFTs in traditional business models.

PocketFuel.io also recognizes the internal challenges that face us include attracting, hiring, training and managing talent during the "Great Resignation". ​

Our Solution

We understand crypto trading is risky and unpredictable so we believe in a conservative approach to the blockchain. Bear markets are for building new businesses and brands.

We believe Creatives deserve more than just credit for their work but equity in the assets they create. It is actually our goal to inspire and assist other businesses in adopting similar royalty-based pay incentives.

What's next for PocketFuel.io

Right now PocketFuel.io is only in it's first 4 months of operation. We intend to ramp up marketing efforts to secure our first blockchain clients but we'd like a few case studies to add to our portfolio.

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