Average age being around 45 years within the R-kioski franchisees, we want to attract more young people in the business. In 2017, only 14,6% of the franchisees were under 30 years old. We wanted young people to have an easy way of trying out, what it actually takes being a franchise entrepreneur, as we believe it would be a great opportunity for a targeted group.

What it does

It's a simulation game, where you get to experience running your own R-kiosk, learning the requirements of franchising, day to day tasks, managing budget for profit, learning the pitfalls, and testing if the users personality is the right match.

How we built it

We started with brainstorming by laying out how do we see and feel about the R-kioski brand, the positive and negative, and all the open questions we still had about the franchising business in R-kioski. We interviewed R-kioski’s and – representers. We also participated in a collaborative interviewing process with R-kioski franchisees and empolyees. We got familiar with the materials and numbers given to us by R-kioski.


We saw that there’s a big potential target group in the younger generation, and decided to focus on them. For us it was obvious that mobile application would be the best platform to reach them, so we narrowed our ideas in mobile applications. We also thought that R-kioski should be more present in universities/universities of applied sciences and make more collaboration with them, but focused more on the application ideas.


Since young people spend much time on their mobilephone, it is the perfect way to reach out for them. We wanted to do something modern, easy, playful and fun, so we decided to build a fast-paced/quick game, where the player can have a simulated experience what is it like to run a convenience kiosk.

Our final concept

Our final concept is ”Kiosk Hero”-mobile game. The player runs an R-Kiosk and he/she has to make decisions and prioritize tasks. According to the players decisions, his/hers rank varies. The game also demonstrates all the aspects that you need to take care of when running a franchise business and that i.e. your business is monitored by the R-Kioski regional manager. If the player manages the game well, there’s a call-for-action at the end, which raises awareness of R-kioski franchising as a job opportunity. It also gives R-kiosk an opportunity to be contacted by potential candidates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team worked well together on solid concept, which we finalized well in time.

What we learned

Prioritization, communication, new tools.

What's next for Kiosk Hero

The concept could be taken further and developed for i.e. franchise training purposes. It could be integrated with the R-kiosk app. You could make it more interactive by making it a competition with other players!

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