Do you have an awesome idea, but no skills to develope it? Got great developing skills, but no ideas? Pitch IT - connects ideas and skills together - to make the world a better place!.

How it works

Share short ideas that you wish would be developed, and someone who liked it might end up developing it! Ideas start on the ''new'' feed, where users can like them, report, or say that they are ''on it'' - telling everybody as well as the owner of the pitch it is might be under development now!. Great ideas will pass from the 'new' feed to the 'growing' feed, where all the best ideas of the 'new' feed are at. ONLY the best ideas will reach the 'hot' feed, avilable to everybody to see at first-sight!. Your ideas might change the world!

View ideas from all over the world - get inspired - and even act to develop some!. Get notify when someone is going to create your pitch!. Pitch IT is a copyright free, idea spreading, inspiring community - built all to encourage people to act, change, and improve the world. The best ideas will spread world wide, and gain fame - making it certain - that some developer out ther will want to develop it.

Challenges I ran into

Copyrights - is a complicated thing when it comes to sharing ideas. but Pitch IT uses diffrenet kind of mentality; by sharing your idea, you can no longer claim it is yours by right. Pitch IT is a copyright free community, trying to make a change by good will and enthusiastic developers and dreamers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

During the Hackathon we (4 group members) managed to build the basics functionallities and grpaphics of the application, upload it to google play store, Programm - from scratch a fully functional Back-End server, and a website that communicates with both server and application.

What I learned

Our group is constantly learning - ever since we started developing we are self-learning our way through the high-tech world. each app holds within it a new challange, and challanges we have already sloved before. everything we know we learned ourselvefs - but we usually develope things we don't know - so we learned constantly. in this application we developed a GUI a few levels above what we had managed to make before. We are now studying-as-we-develope Android-Studio, Programming a Back-End server on our on (that works!), designing the best UI we could give.

What's next for Pitch IT

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