I have watched many adventurous movies of Pirates in which they find the clue and move on to next island and then on to another in order to get the treasure. So We have tried to make a mobile application in which person can experience that🤩.

What it does

It gives you some puzzles. And there are several levels. If you complete all the levels then you will get the treasure that is a certificate verified by World's Pirate Association . LOL

How we built it

We used android studio in order to create the application by JSON and other stuff. For creating the website We have used HTML and CSS, and Adobe Illustrator for making the vector graphics

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge was to put the name of participant in the certificate but for that we tried for many hours and watched some youtube tutorials and finally we did it. Special thanks to the MENTORS of MLH.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed our whole application in the given time period and by this we have learned many new things like opening the website in our application itself

What we learned

We learned to open website in our app, making a keyboard for our application in order to reduce invalid inputs and putting the names on certificate in a automatic process.

What's next for PirateAce

We have posted it on Play Store and it will be live within next 3-4 days. We are also making more levels and making its interface more user friendly and creative

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