We were inspired by one of our teammates who was a part of a group that would help a senior home learn tech basics, but couldn't go anymore due to the pandemic. It was a great service to their community that wasn't able to take place anymore which led to us thinking maybe we could do so much more than just helping with an iPhone. As the pandemic has been increasingly isolating seniors, we decided to create something that would help them connect.

What it does

Connects seniors and teens through a messaging app and workshops where seniors and teens can teach their skills and learn new ones. Teens can become Pals to help their community and get service hours by connecting with seniors that could use genuine human interaction.

How we built it

We designed it on Figma, then transferred it to Adobe XD because we didn't have enough time to create it in html. We also created a chat that works in html and js. Two people on the server can chat.

Challenges we ran into

Time. We really wanted to make the project in html, but we weren't able to because we really liked the design and wanted it to stick instead of having to have a subpar design in HTML.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing our project and working in a group of new people.

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