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What if you had a crew that would walk with you on this journey of healing from breast cancer? It is a battle that none of us want to fight alone. Isn’t it?

Getting diagnosed with cancer might feel overwhelming but together we can overcome this. It is our family, friends and members of the community that help us recover. However, quite often one hesitates to ask for help and at times our well-wishers are unsure of how to offer help. Pink Village solves this dilemma!

Anjali, a breast cancer survivor shared her story about healing from cancer. While speaking to her we came across some basic things that a cancer patient might need help with. And we have attempted to solve these problems via our app 'Pink Village'.

For us it was important to build something that enhanced community support, reduced stress, enabled others to help and increased the patient's knowledge, all in a fun and caring way.

What it does

  • Pink Village enables one to create a support team for the marathon, that fighting cancer is. Add tasks and let your private community know how to support you. From walking your dog to giving a lift to the doctor's appointment, the tiniest help at the right time can mean the world!

  • Furthermore, Pink Village has an adorable chat bot ‘Duckie’ to help one navigate through the vast landscape of cancer information. It does not intend to replace your doctor’s advice, but it surely guides you to a trusted source, verified by a medical team. You are able to get the right information at your fingertips, so that when you have the smallest of doubts or questions, you do not need to rush to your doctor every time.

  • The process of healing needs constant vigilance. Pink Village’s dashboard helps you keep an overview of your activities and diet on a regular basis.

Pink Village has got your back!

How we built it

  • We have used react native framework to create Apple and Android compatible apps.
  • For the list functionality we have used Google firebase cloud functions and for the chat bot we used Dialogflow - a natural language understanding platform, which allows including text or audio inputs from the user (currently, we only implemented text input functionality for a few questions, e.g. what are the side effects of chemotherapy? What are the new cancer treatments?).
  • The overview part for health metrics could link to Apple's HealthKit platform or Android's Google Fit to retrieve vital data, which can be collected using any source of input from different variables or apps.
  • Currently, two accounts are linked: 1) patient 2) friend/family. Whenever the list gets updated on one client, it will immediately will show on another device. Try it with a friend!
  • For now, IOS only link: demo on testflight if you want Android access, please contact Matas.

Challenges we ran into

  • Breast cancer is a sensitive and a serious topic. We wanted to ensure that we bring some fun and humour into our app, making the journey a bit more soothing. Finding the right balance was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managed to design and develop the demo app within the hackathon timeframe.

What we learned

  • We learnt a lot about how little things like asking for help can be a huge deal for a patient. Something as simple as doing laundry can seem to be a humongous task while getting treated for cancer as the fatigue levels are high.

What's next for Pink Village

  • We want to take this app to the App Store so that many patients can take the benefit of avoiding the awkwardness that comes along when asking for help.
  • We hope that ELC and other companies will support us to further this fight against cancer! Thank you.

P.S. AWS "Get Started" Program, idea best fits 'wellness'.

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