There is a big delay between the time something significant happens that we have an interest in and when we find out about it. Twitter doesn't solve it as content is too vague, rss feeds and news articles come many minutes after actual events and scrolling through facebook defeats purpose of knowing about events in realtime.

We wanted to build a mobile application which delivers realtime notifications to users for any form of information they are interested in.

What it does

  1. A content creator/curator can create a channel (e.g. #cs241)
  2. Content and useful information is curated about the topic and is queued as notifications.
  3. Consumers "subscribe" to all channels they are interested in and constantly get updates on their interests in realtime.

How We built it

The core of our app depends on google cloud functions and google cloud notifications. Our stack consists of our react-native mobile app which can create channels and queue notifications to be sent at later times using google cloud functions and google cloud database.

Challenges We ran into

Had lots of troubles narrowing down our to this point. After jumping from problem root to problem root, we realized that the lack of realtime information turns out to be a core issue to many problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud to have integrated firebase and google cloud functions.

What We learned

Learned how to use google cloud functions

What's next for Loop

Next plan is to monetize by having premium channels which deliver specific and special content which creators have to pay to be able to post. Another step is having brief but relative monetized notifications.

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