We wanted to game that would be fun and informative at the same time. We decided that a game that teaches while you play would be the perfect middle ground. We also all love photography and wanted to create a project that built upon this love.

What it does

Picture Frame is a simple game that teaches the use of the Rule of Thirds by practice. The game initially shows the user a grid to help them understand how the rule of thirds sections the image. There are a few bees buzzing around the flower garden. The user can use the mouse, WASD, or the arrow keys to move their camera around the garden. Once they get the bees and flower in a good position, they press the spacebar. This calculates a score based on the location of objects in the image. It will also save the image as a file to the user's desktop for later viewing. They are given 5 attempts to get the highest score they can. However, the game can be restarted as many times as they would like.

How we built it

Our project was developed in Unity, with visual assets created in Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

Several members of the team had not worked with Unity or C# before, so this project was an opportunity to learn and grow. We struggled to get some graphics to scale properly to different display resolutions. Our group is comprised of the people who went to the group building session, so we had never met before the Hackathon. We bonded as we worked and grew together as a team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The functionality is implemented in a modular fashion that provides easy modification and expansion. We are also proud of getting a finished product available for others to use.

What we learned

As mentioned, several members of the team learned a completely new language and the imposing Unity framework. We learned teamwork and the importance of delegating tasks to others. We also learned our strengths and weaknesses in coding, artistic ability, and interacting with others.

What's next for Picture Frame

We hope that others will be able to use and learn from this project. We hope to get a professional artist involved to give insight into the intricacies of photography. We would also like to add more photography techniques to the project and allow others to learn even more about the art of photography, which we all love.

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