PickMePack is a concept for an initiative which aims to encourage shoppers to buy products from companies which use sustainable packaging, in exchange for rewards on their loyalty card—with the help of a sticker.

This single-page website is to promote the initiative and gather support. The idea is very simple:

  1. Buy groceries which have the Pick Me sticker on them.
  2. Earn extra points on your supermarket loyalty card, on top of the ones you already get.

Every item with the Pick Me sticker would be vetted by a knowledgeable team to make sure it meets 100% recyclable or biodegradable standards.

The brand identity uses elements normally found on packaging (like the dashed lines with the scissors and the "this way up" symbol for the back to top link.

What it does

Every time I go to the supermarket, I'm always very conscious about what I buy and the environmental impact it has. But it can be difficult to sometimes to understand the recycling information. So I came up with the idea of signposting products which are easily recyclable or biodegradable with a bright sticker.

The aim is that, by encouraging consumers to make conscious buying decisions, this will pressure companies who are not yet using sustainable packaging to change their processes.

How I built it

I designed it in Adobe XD and built it in Webflow (keep in mind it's not 100% responsive and the email forms don't actually work as this is just a concept).

Challenges I ran into

I'm relatively new to Webflow. The main challenge I had was figuring out how to make the introductory section split in two and reveal the next section underneath. After lots of messing about with positioning, I finally got the result I wanted. Though for smaller screens, I would probably think of a different interaction or just remove it entirely to make the website lighter on mobile devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I came up with the concept, the brand identity & tone of voice and built the single-page website during the challenge. This was my first hackathon, and am quite happy with the outcome.

What I learned

That I need to learn more about positioning (so much more)!

What's next for PickMePack

If I was to take this concept forward, I would probably add more information regarding waste management, stats, a counter to keep track of how many people sign up, some social proof (Twitter, Facebook, etc), maybe the logos of companies that decide to pledge their participation. So many improvements to make! Also need to make it responsive.

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