Our inspiration was the golden age of transportation. Although this mainly includes trains, we also drew inspiration from the older blimp cruises.

What it does

Project Zephyr is a 4 hour up and down airplane cruise. The main highlights of the ride include, a reduced gravity ascent and descent, a full bar and lounge, and a 3-course dinner served over the curved horizon of the earth.

How we built it

Starting with a little bit of research, we jumped right into ideation. What the exterior, interior, and branding elements would look like to keep cohesive. We also created this design with business and feasibility considerations. Sketches were done with pen and paper and on a whiteboard, interior renders were created from scratch, and our 3Dmodels were printed with PLA.

Challenges we ran into

The main problem was the scale of the project. As product designers, we are used to working with things that we can manage as an individual, nothing as big as a plane. We also pivoted and adjusted our scope of the project throughout the weekend which sometimes cut back on progress and motivation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Very proud of the team and how we all worked together. Lots of great laughs and communication. Very happy with how the final project turned out. We were all invested in the concept and are proud of the results.

What we learned

New software, better communication, and how to get lots of stuff in a very little amount of time.

What's next for Project Zephyr

Have fun, and keep moving!

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