Desire to paint your experience on the canvas of eternity for yourself and others who visit where you have been.

What it does

Pensieve AR is the next generation of social sharing, where users can hang a geo-tagged virtual picture / video and comment on on augmented reality landscape, where other users can see their adventures in AR.

How we built it

iOS, ARKit, Firebase, GeoFire, Core Location, node.js, javascript

Challenges we ran into

GeoFire is not currently supported and lacks extensive documentation and quality. Also, ARKit is new and still in development without much of a community on which to rely for help and documention guidance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a functional AR application that is engaging, exciting, and innovative with very little iOS experience and no previous understanding of AR or the ARKit / GeoFire frameworks.

What we learned

How to engage with the ARKit framework, build a backend in Firebase, the exciting possibilities of AR

What's next for Pensieve AR

$100 million seed round

Built With

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