Why Pen Pal?

Most of the problems in today's world is caused by a lack in communication. From relationships to world affairs, a lack of understanding and openness can be extremely detrimental. All people on this planet are much more similar than we may ever realize. With this desire for communication and the acknowledgment of humanity's commonalities, Pen Pal was born as a homage to elementary school days of writing letters to a friend in a much different place than you were.

What it does

Pen Pal is a unique social app that uses users' greatest interests to match you to someone with similar interests. However, the person that you are matched with is the one the farthest away in location from you. The app will notify you when someone has been found, and you will be able to chat with a user from, potentially, across the world. All while using a beautifully designed UI made to look both fun and interesting.

How I built it

Pen Pal was designed in XCode using Swift. Parse was also used to create a user database and for the messaging system. Adobe Illustrator was used to bring some life to the app as well.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Pen Pal

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