This is an app that takes an image you like--any image--and generate a filter for you. If you see a photo with awesome light and style, and don't know how to reproduce it, you could simply upload this picture to our app, and Voila! Peel will generate a customized filter for you.

The namesake of our app: Peel out parts of one image, and apply it to another

Who is our target user?

Anyone who likes taking pictures (I mean, who doesn't? :D)!


As an Instagram user, I have been trying to find the 'right' filter. There just isn't enough filters we could use. So we were thinking: why don't we create filters on our own? Why don't we create filters based on our preferences? Suppose you have taken picture of a tree, and don't quite like it, with Peel, you can google a picture with the right amount of light and shadows, and apply whatever that picture has to your own picture.

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