• The dozens of dogs, cats, and other animals that are looking for a forever home
  • Dogs and cats are cute
  • Cats are cuter, though
  • End-of-semester desire for inspirational quotes from cute animals

What it does

  • Dogs and cats randomly wander into your home to meet you and remind you to de-stress and enjoy your day
  • Tapping a dog or cat visitor pulls up their information card
  • The information card links to actual dogs and cats in shelters that look like the your little virtual visitor
  • If you get attached to any one (or more!!!) of your visitors, you can access adoption information right through the app
  • If you can't afford or aren't ready for the commitment of caring for an animal, the app allows you to donate money to a local animal shelter or, should the shelter provide the service, sponsor the animal that has caught your heart so it can continue to live in safety in the shelter

How I built it

  • Much work in Adobe Illustrator
  • Hours of toiling in front of Xcode to interpret Objective-C into Swift
  • No small amount of elbow grease and good, old-fashioned magic
  • Sheer brilliance
  • The power of the rising sun

Challenges I ran into

  • Losing 2 hours of work due to a crashing app (and forgetting to save)
  • Operating at 1/2 capacity due to late teammates
  • Slow Xcode updates
  • General glitches.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Graphics, graphics, graphics. Also, developing an app that supports a cause we all believe in while at the same time makes us happy because of the cute characters.

What I learned

  • Saving frequently is important.
  • Teamwork!
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Asking for help
  • Not to be afraid to branch out

What's next for PAWSitivity

  • Implementing website for shelters to upload information
  • More animal types
  • More animals
  • Greater interaction with animal visitors
  • Permanent residents should you adopt any animal through the app
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