Have you ever wanted to look cool walking downtown? Do you wish to get rid of the lost freshmen look? Is looking at a phone too distracting? Have you ever been scared out of your mind as your driver swerves across the road because they had to look up the directions on their phone? Have you ever missed what google was telling you due to a noisy environment? Have you ever awkwardly had to yell directions as you lead a group of people around unfamiliar territory? We've not only had all these problems, but we're solving them too!

What it does

Directoband asks the user where the user is and where he/she want to go. Directoband then guides the user through the path by lighting up and vibrating the user's wrist on either the left, right or front side of the user's wrist corresponding to the direction that the user needs to go.

How We built it

first we used a google form to collect market data on how people feel and interact with different methods of receiving directions. We found that the majority of people look at their phones while driving in order to check maps/directions. Intolerantly, this is very dangerous behavior.
We then had several team members look up how to use the google maps API to find directions in an Android app, another team member found out how to add the Bluetooth Light Energy communication protocol into Android, and our final team member wired up the vibration motors, lights and programmed the arduino to respond to the Bluetooth commands.

Challenges We ran into

-Google maps is a pain to work with and set up

-there's hardly any guides or examples to work with for BLE

-Android Studio is funky-fresh

-normal brain fart mistakes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of how much we learned including successfully create the device and talk to Google Maps. Our team was incredibly dedicated to the project and our learning. We're also proud of how well we were able to work together, divide tasks, and utilize our resources. This project has shown how much we have grown in our skills as individuals as well as a team and we look forward to competing in another hackathon together.

What we learned

-how to communicate to each other

How to work with and utilize the following technologies:

-Android Studio


-Google Maps

Kynara has wonderful dedication that we all respect. We also learned how to better use APIs to our advantage. These skills are going to built upon in future hackathons and hopefully professional life as well.

What's next for Directoband

Pathfinding Band will be coming to a store near you in 2019.

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