Does that occur to you that sometimes you spotted a party nearby and want to get hyped together, but you don't know how to join? Do you want to reach out new people and attend the best local meetings/parties? These questions inspired our team to develop this IOS app that aims to help users host, request and attend parties.

To make this app, we split the task into front-end(Objective-C) and back-end (Java), and linked the whole app together with AWS and restful-web-service. We incorporated multiple APIs from Mapquest, Facebook. We four cooperated greatly and worked hard for 24h to enable the birth of this awesome app.

We had great difficulties in establishing an Http server on Amazon Web Service and have spent lots of hours on that. We had trouble accessing the server from external computers and asked a lot of mentors and workday engineers here (thank you so much!). And finally, we are able to build our server on top of AWS.

Due to the great difficulties in setting up the server, so we are really proud of the http server we've set on AWS. It provides a RESTful service and JSON responses and can be accessed from any computer, instead of only local machines.

what we learn:

  1. How to host a server on AWS.
  2. How to run java code on AWS remotely.
  3. How to use MongoDB in Java.
  4. How to link Objective C frontend with Java backend.

We are going to add more features and make it more intelligent to search for parties and other entertainments for users.

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