Parktime was conceived out of a deep interest in WebRTC and a penchant for creating new experiences that make computers feel like magic. In college, I took a class called Design of Online Communities whilst Chatroulette rapidly rose in popularity on the interwebs. Before Chatroulette became saturated with inappropriate activity, I wrote a short essay on why it was both my favorite and least favorite online experience. To say the least, my generation appeared to have been nearly enchanted by its original concept, only to be let down by an inability to prevent inappropriate content from surfacing. Ever since the rise of Chatroulette, I have held a firm belief that randomized video chat could work given a compelling use case.

One more thing I remember vividly from college is final exams. You can learn a lot about people when you see them under intense stress. Also, people helping one another relax and find joy in the world is a beautiful thing. At my school (Georgia Tech), we even had a tradition where students would go outside at a designated date and time in order to yell at the top of their lungs together, simply for stress relief. It was a pretty funny sight. (I might have to make another app, haha)

Even though I grew up mostly without pets, somewhere along the line I learned about the idea of "stress dogs". We can use interactions with animals as a means for stress reduction and reduction in symptoms of depression. It isn't a long term solution, but it has proven to be very effective nonetheless. I started to ask myself how I could turn stress dogs into an app, and immediately my idea for Parktime came into being.

Parktime is a randomized video chat application similar to Chatroulette, Omegle and the late Airtime. Like Airtime and unlike Chatroulette and Omegle, Parktime requires every user to sign into Facebook. It is a community of people with and without pets that are coming together to share their time and their pets with one another. In an abstract sense, it is like going to the park when all you have is a (mobile) computer and possibly one of your best friends. Unlike most randomized chat applications, Parktime is cross platform amongst the Chrome browser for desktop and Android as well as an iOS app. An Android app is planned for future development. Parktime is built with some pretty cutting-edge technology (WebRTC), and hopefully with more cooperation between the large firms, we can see Parktime supported by more browsers and device architectures in the future.

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