I wanted to help teens, who are usually new drivers and thus bad at parking, to efficiently find parking spaces in a way that optimizes time in the quickest way possible.

The device efficiently ensures that drivers do not attempt to enter an occupied parking space through the use of an ultrasonic sensor that senses any obstructions and a GPS tracker and GSM system that sends the GPS coordinates of that occupied space to the previously decided phone number; basically, it optimizes parking space finding time.

I used two Arduino microcontrollers, two breadboards, a GSM, a GPS tracker, and a SIM card.

The fix (quality of signal) of the GPS was constantly wavering and posed a huge problem as whether or not the text message sent was contingent upon the sufficiency of the fix.

I'm proud of having figured out how to use different APIs and libraries by learning from the internet.

In the future, the data collected from multiple users of the device can be uploaded to a community website in which community members can access a live stream of changing parking spots to suit their needs.

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